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We provide Work Related Injuries services

Injuries received while at work can be devastating physically, financially, and emotionally.Occupational injuries or illness represent a substantial percentage of emergency department visits as well as primary care and subspeciality clinical practices. The most common organs involved are the hands, eyes, spine, head, lungs, skeleton, and skin. At Work injury physiotherapy panorama hills, our team can help and support you in the aftermath of a work-related injury. Quick treatment and a safe and early return to work can reduce claims costs.

Our team of Work injury physiotherapy panorama hills will be here to support you through the care and expertise needed to accurately diagnose and prescribe both short and long-term therapies needed to help you fully recover. We assure you fast access to a physician with a background in occupational medicine and WCB-Alberta training, Same day completion and submission of reports, in-depth return-to-work plan development, fast-tracked diagnostic and treatment services, Coordination of assessment and treatment communication, and follow-up support. Our compassionate team of skilled, caring professionals in the areas of Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Services, Manual Therapy, the Garston Technique, and other forms of treatment designed to help you heal and get back to work.

Occupational injuries result from physical, biological, chemical, or psychosocial hazards such as noise, temperature, insect or animal bites, aerosols, blood-borne pathogens, hazardous chemical, radiation, and occupational burnout. While preventive methods are available, many injuries still occur due to poor ergonomics, manual handling of heavy loads, misuse of equipment, general hazards and inadequate safety training.Thus, occupational injury service is extremely essential for employers and workers which involves providing the injured workers quick access to medical services at specialized clinics throughout the province, followed by a quick fitness-for-work reporting documentation from a physician about the worker’s current physical abilities and any activities they may be restricted from as a result of the workplace injury. Contact us